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Install on Windows 10x64 RU

Install on Windows 10

Full install on Windows 10

Install on Windows 7

IDE fast reinstall

Uninstall program

Install SDK 7.1 on Windows XP

Install SDK 7.1 on Windows 7

Install SDK 7.1 on Windows 10

Send bug report

Using container editor

IDE media managers

Explorer context menu extender

Undo and Redo command in editor

Flow layout UI

Application color themes

Copy code to forum
IDE as console compiler

Windows pack

Windows pack: activation

Windows pack: installation

Free Pascal Compiler activation and installation

Windows pack: DLL project

Windows pack: on Windows XP

Windows pack: OpenGL examples

Windows pack: FTCG examples

Windows pack: Document Template

Windows pack: custom controls

CNET pack

CNET pack: activation

CNET pack: installation

CNET pack: using CSScript

CNET pack: show target code

CNET pack: bug report

CNET pack: GTK project

CNET pack: video capture

Core pack


Core pack: show child form

Game Sokoban as script

Core pack: using CSScript

Core pack: using compiled script

Core pack: using gif animation

Core pack: using localization

Core pack: using helpers

Core pack: using launcher

Core pack: project from resource

Core pack: inheritance of container element

Core pack: implementing inheritance of container element

Core pack: debugging
Script Sys.cs

Script element

Code element

Core pack: project compilation

Core pack: show target code

Core pack: using Memo element

Core pack: using Memo element with StrList element

Core pack: using ListBox element

Core pack: using ListBox element with StrList element

Core pack: using ListBox element with StrList element as manager

Core pack: using virtual points

Core pack: using syntax editor element

Core pack: SQLite DB Editor
Core pack: SDK Editor

Core pack: PictureBox, WebBrowser and WindowsMediaPlayer elements

Core pack: RichTextBox element

Core pack: DateTimePicker, NumericUpDown and ProgressBar elements

Core pack: TrackBar, FontDialog and RadioButton elements

Core pack: FolderBrowserDialog element

Core pack: Form Designer

Core pack: project export

Core pack: ListView element
Core pack: MathParse element
Core pack: simple DBF blocknote
Core pack: element script debugging
Core pack: PropertyGrid element
Core pack: save Form geometry

Core pack: serial port example
Core pack: child process example
Core pack: LinkLabel element

Core pack: Chart element
Core pack: Form main menu

Core pack: context menu

Core pack: SoundTracker player
Core pack: ToolStrip bar

Core pack: NAudio Record
Core pack: Speech text
Core pack: SplitContainer

Core pack: ToolStripContainer

Core pack: TCP Client and Server

Core pack: Voice TCP streaming Client and Server

Core pack: LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Core pack: quick use of C # code from the internet

Core pack: Simple FTP client

Core pack: Simple SMTP client

Core pack: The script on the point

Core pack: run app on Linux Mono
Core pack: ODBC client

Core pack: MQTT client

Core pack: MQTT broker

Download examples: Core, WIndowsForms

Core pack: MS Office Excel

Download examples: Core

Core pack: use managed code

Core pack: shapes and leds

Download examples: Shapes, Leds

Core pack: drop shadow

Download examples: DropShadow

Core pack: graphics

Download examples: Graphics

Core pack: drag and drop

Download examples: DropItems DragItems

Core pack: command line arguments

Download examples: Arguments

Core pack: precise Math operations

Core pack: LCD

Download examples: Core_LCD

Core pack: simplest SDK Editor

Download examples: SHAEditor

Core pack: make and use DLL

Core pack: console application

Core pack: MS Edge WebView2 control

Download examples: CoreApp, WindowsFormsApp

Core pack: chip CH341A

To buy it: Converter CH341A USB to SPI I2C IIC UART TTL ISP
To buy it: Sensor BH1750
Connect a sersor to converter:

Connect converter to PC USB:

Run Core SHA-file:

Video report:

WEB pack

Install from repository


Using Hyper-V on Windows 10

Universal container element

Creating a container element

Container element installation

Get user's license

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